Founded in 1989, CABASE is a Non-profit Association, with a membership consisting of the main connectivity providers and ISPs in Argentina, as well as numerous technology companies which comprise the Internet ecosystem in Argentina.


To promote the development of the Internet ecosystem in Argentina establishing a unique hub of all the players who contribute in enabling the Internet to be a collaborative building space. To support the full, inclusive and federal development of the Internet as a tool of social transformation and access to the digital economy.


In the international sphere, CABASE is an active member of:
» LACNIC, the Internet Address Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean.
» eCOM-LAC, Latin America and Caribbean Federation for Internet and Electronic Commerce.
» LAC-IX, Latin America and Caribbean IXPs.
» LAC-ISP, Federation of Associations and Chambers of Internet Service Providers of Latin America and the Caribbean.
» CITEL, Inter- American Telecommunication Commission.

CABASE participates actively in all international forums related to Internet Governance such as the Internet Governance Forum, organized by the United Nations, ICANN’s anual meetings (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and LACNIC, the working committees of CITEL and of the International Telecommunications Union related to the Internet and its development.



In 1990, through the database connectivity transmission under the X25 protocol, the Internet is born in Argentina. Small entrepreneurs were the first to envision a means of communicating. With the launch of the Chamber, the first Internet exchange point (NAP/IXP) was born in Buenos Aires. The federal expansion of broad band and 4G enabled new players in the industry with new connectivity service providers to start competing with the big telcos. Finally, the evolution of connectivity in Argentina lay the foundation for the future of the Internet of Things (IoT).


CABASE IXP National Network Atlas

Every year, CABASE publishes a map showing those active IXP’s coordinated by CABASE in Argentina.

CABASE Internet Index

A report compiled by the Chamber every six months which summarizes, from proprietary and external sources, the connectivity and Internet services industry status in Argentina.

National Technicians Meeting

An event that convenes professionals committed to engineering, security, and Internet operations in the country, with the aim of improving the quality of Internet services provided locally, through an open exchange of ideas and information among its members, who work in the main ISPs, Carriers, IXPs, and Universities in Argentina.

IoT Day

An event that convenes the key players of the IoT technology sector, companies and SMEs of this industry, developers, where experts showcase the solutions available, creating synergies and fostering the development of new business models.

Internet Day

Event that offers and opportunity for industry updates in order to promote the growth of the sector, create synergies and exchange experiences in which the different players of the Internet ecosystem can converge at the largest meeting point of this industry in the country.


The members of CABASE are grouped in working committees related to fields of specific interest. They hold monthly meetings to discuss different business matters and in that way come up with innovative initiatives and find adequate solutions to existing complex issues.



Servicios y Telecomunicaciones SA

Juan Carlos Aquerreta

Vicepresident Institutional Relations
Nosis Laboratorio de Investigación y Desarrollo SA

Patricio Seoane

IXP Vicepresident
Internet Service SA

Horacio Héctor Martínez

Carriers Vicepresident
Silica Networks Argentina SA

Mario Carranza

Contents and Television Vicepresident SA

Eduardo Raul Crudele

IoT Vicepresident
Sista S.A

Ignacio Ribeiro Larravide

TEL XP Vicepresident
Llamada IP SRL

Esteban Andrés Tocalini

ISPs Vicepresident
Coseidi SA

Oscar Messano

Tecnomedia SRL

Hernán Seoane

  Interdotnet SA