In these meetings, the carriers who are members discuss ways to work jointly in order to develop projects that generate new businesses, adding services to locations all over the country, with the aim of federalizing Broadband and optimizing CABASE IXPS/NAPS NATIONAL NETWORK.

Chair: Horacio MARTÍNEZ, Silica Networks Argentina
Vice Chair: Andrés Hintze,  CPS COMUNICACIONES SA


The Internet has contributed significantly to the growth of commercial operations implemented electronically over the last years, and in this committee, we work to engage more e-commerce providers with our IXPs/NAPs networks, thereby fostering the growth and development of the digital economy in Argentina.

Chair: Martín Waserman


This committee convenes those active Hosting and Cloud Service providers in the country. Its aim is to stimulate growth of the business of its members. We meet to share views and opinions, exchange ideas and evaluate improvements to the services provided.

During our meetings we discuss technical and service issues as well as regulatory concerns. The services we offer through our networks have better loading and surfing speed, a more satisfactory user experience, local support and billing. We promote hosting in Argentina through the slogan “Do your Hosting in Argentina”.

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Chair:  Luciana Capriotti, Interdotnet Argentina
Vice Chair: Nicolás Graizer, SYT


This committee manages TV content in a collaborative way, and aims to enable Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to offer a package service that integrates Internet,Telephony and Television, thus comforming a proposition that can meet users’ different needs and preferences.

Chair:  Mario Carranza, DA.VI.TEL. SA
Vice Chair: Alejandro Amendolara, Legal Counsel CABASE

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We work to make business opportunities become a quick reality.  Internet of Everything and/or Internet of Things challenges connectivity providers to find new strategic businesses and partners. We help our members to meet this need successfully, providing a hub where the advances of this innovative technology ecosystem can be developed. Pioneer companies in our country are forging the way for the upcoming Smart cities, Smart homes, healthcare devices, safety and security, as well as implementing the connectivity to facilitate an unprecedented growth

Chair:  Antonio Harris, Executive Director. CABASE / Raúl Crudele, Sista.
Vice Chair: Mauricio Jancic, Aplicaciones Electrónicas Artimar


This committee is created given the significant business opportunity caused by the development of Internet in our country, as well as the threat posed to those companies which underestimate this impact and define their policies taking this current situation into account. The rate of Internet growth over mobile networks is conclusive, and exceed significantly the growth of fixed broadband connections. Most telecommunications companies in Argentina do not have access to this market and are in a position of disadvantage compared with other countries in the region. There is a window of opportunity and we believe it is the right time to contribute and enable Argentina to be on a par with International standards, and numerous operators willing to enter the mobile world.

Chair:  Luis Quinelli, Sion
Vice Chair:  Ariel Fernández Alvarado, Cooperativa Telefónica del Viso / Luis Constanzo, COPELCO / Pablo Recalt ,Telespazio


It is fairly frequent that Law Project Drafts may directly or indirectly affect companies in this industry, and these projects are presented by different public senators and congressmen, therefore this committee becomes aware of them, discusses their contents, drafts reports, participates in meetings with the legislators and their consultants, etc. High level specialist professionals exchange views and collaborate in order to adequately inform our members and those legislators, and to preserve the logical growth of this industry.

In addition, there are multiple international spheres from which trends emerge in terms of Public Policies, and CABASE sends representatives to these forums in order to free our members from staff and budget concerns for their own companies, which would be impossible for an SME, but which will, in one way or another, affect its future.

Chair: Esteban LESCANO,  Silica Networks Argentina
Vice Chair:  Eleonora RABINOVICH, Google Argentina


We hold meetings in which we address specific issues so that fellow ISPs may, either share information and experiences that facilitate the generation of business opportunities, as also solve common concerns in terms of the complex problems and technicalities of the residential and corporate Internet service providers market

Chair: Esteban Tocalini, COSEIDI
Vice Chair:  Diego  RODRÍGUEZ, Redes y Comunicaciones Moreno
Raúl Crudele, Sista


They hold monthly meetings to determine IXPs/NAPs formal, administrative or technical issues. This networking enables business opportunities and direct benefits for participating companies, cooperatives, universities, or entities. 

Technicians from these companies participate in training events which improve their knowledge of the CABASE IXP network.

Chair:  Patricio Seoane, Internet Services
Vice Chair: Mario Carranza, DAVITEL / Facundo Fernández, Atlántica Video Cable.


This committee addresses complex issues and evaluates business opportunities for market development for those companies that are mainly satellite service providers, have their own operations and standardized systems in the country (such as Hub, Teleport, Spatial Segment), and can provide satellite services over the whole national territory, operating fixed and mobile services with ENACOM approved satellites, and which have landing rights in the country.

Chair: Pablo Andres Recalt, Telespazio Argentina S.A.
Vice Chair: Santiago Luzuriaga, Servicio Satelital S.A.


The IP Telephony Committee focusses on enabling an exchange point for phone calls among Argentine Tel XP operators. It also consists of a suitable hub to facilitate sharing visions, ideas, and opinions about this industry, safety, best practices, licences, regulations and number portability on landlines.

In this challenging times, working jointly allows us to improve processes and provide more and better services to our users.

Chair:  Nacho Ribeiro, LLAMADA IP
Vice Chair:  Jerónimo Serafini, ANURA