In order to solicit membership in CABASE, please complete the membership request form and send it to our offices to Coordinación General, together with a copy of your registration document/bylaws, and the validation of signing party. Your application will be included in the agenda of the next CABASE Board of Directors meeting. Should your application be approved, you will then receive iformation related to the Association’s activities, meetings you can attend, the institutional website, and administrative data in general.


Companies or individuals who are not engaged in the activities described above, can enquire about becoming a supporting member

Companies/Entities not located in Argentina can also become members.

 1 – Active Member Category

One time sign-up fee ARS 10.000 ARS 10.000
Monthly membership fee ARS 6.000 ARS 5.000
Annual membership fee (includes 10% discount) ARS 64.800 ARS 54.000

Current payment methods:

  • Annual pre-payment, with discount and avoids you administrative expenses. Confirm cost if you become a member to establish proportion of year to be prepaid.
  • Bimonthly, via debit to your account, or bank transfer.

2 – Special Member Category

(Government Organisms, Universities, Municipalities, etc.)

One time sign-up fee  ARS 10.000 pesos
Annual membership fee ARS 72.000 pesos

Current payment methods: Annual pre-payment

Keep abreast of industry issues

Networking among members

Receive legal and technical advice on Internet issues

Take group action on industry issues

Act as collegiate entity to neutralize monopoly practices


Connect to the NAPS (National & International interconnection)

Reduce costs via free NAPs interconnection


Be informed of public tenders and other opportunities

Participate in events organized by the Association


Expand your company/entity exposure in the market


Be directly represented before national and provincial organisms, Communications Secretariat, CNC, etc.


Join the IOT Coordination Center and Marketplace


Telecommunications Service Providers

Internet Connectivity Service Providers


Content Providers

WWW Service Providers


Electronic Commerce Portals and Sites

Electronic Payment Solution Providers


Consultant Services


IOT equipment, services and solutions suppliers


IOT implementers